Text 26 Jul Only days away now!

Less than one week and we fly away from the crowded streets and acrid air of Los Angeles…

…and into the wilds of the Canadian Yukon!

Till then… here’s a  shot of the Old Man approaching the border.

Text 15 Jun An Unexpected Surprise

I guess word has gotten out about our little documentary, We’re Going. The old man has been gearing up and prepping for the trip and lo and behold a letter arrives in the mail…

It’s a case of the ol’ friend of my friend. And, it is appreciated since I believe the truck gets gallons to the mile as opposed to miles to the gallon. 

Makes one wonder what other surprises lay in wait.

Text 14 Jun Another Day Closer…

It would appear the old man is in the final stages of preparedness… having outfitted the ’41 Chevy with all the modern comforts required for a month long ride.

Gotta love the do it yourself feel of the whole thing… and then the realization sets in that this may well be the closest thing we see to a hotel for three weeks! At any rate… it’s up and ready for the pre trip just to get to the beginning of the Alcan Highway.

After all, why add another several thousand miles to the already planned several thousand miles… 

You know… the more I think about this trip, with its already washed out roads… the more I’m reminded of a certain little film.


And you know what? I’m okay with that.

Text 13 Jun All Night Pawn Shop Has Finally Joined Tumblr

It took a little while but we’re getting up and into this whole internet thing. As a first introductory post from All Night Pawn Shop we just wanted to let people know who we are:

A small indie production company based out of Hollywood, California with a love for the unusual, the heartfelt and a drive to make it all enjoyable to be a part of as well as watch.

Check out our current project we’re fundraising for, We’re Going: an Adventure Documentary about a father, a son, and best friend as they journey up the Alaska Canadian Highway in a ‘41 army cargo truck and back.



As well as our Facebook page:


We have a heap of projects we’re working on and we can’t wait to show them off to everyone. So, keep an eye out for updates and posts from All Night Pawn Shop.

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